PDI Guidance

Entering PDIs for Competitions

A) You can enter up to 3 PDIs for all competitions.

B) You should email them to jerseyphotographicclub@gmail.com by midnight on the closing date for entries which is normally the Monday before the competition. Put the name of the Competition (e.g. First Quarterly, Macro Comp, Natural History Comp etc.) and your name in the title of your email.

C) Images should be saved in sRGB, 72dpi as JPEG, or TIFF. The maximum width is 1600px, max height 1200px. (If you have Lightroom it’s easy - just set up two export presets - one for Landscape with 1600px as max size for the long edge, and one for Portrait/Square, with 1200px as the max size for the long edge).

E) The images should be put in a folder with the photographer’s name.

Click to open PDF copy of PDI Guidance

For Adobe Lightroom users see the example below of export settings.

Screenshot 2019-07-26 at 15.49.24.png